Monday, May 11, 2009

Am I making progress ?

The very question is a hindrance, well worth avoiding. Progress implies change, one's desire to become something other than what one imagines oneself to currently be. Since the Self is changeless, the question of progress does not arise.

Yet, this is a question that refuses to go away. We hear stories of other people's experiences, their feeling of consciousness expanding, seeing blue or white lights etc, and then lament our lack of any progress since those experiences never seem to come to the majority of us. We begin feeling low, start looking for techniques that others have had success with, perhaps practice a few of them before beginning to feel low again.

The right attitude to 'Am I making progress?' is to ask 'To whom does this question arise?'. The question is just one of myriad doubts that arise and disappear. A yes or a no answer does not change what one is, it just influences what one imagines oneself to be. Looking for experiences is certainly not a technique, experiences come and go and hence are not noteworthy.

All experiences, doubts, answers only vindicate one thing - that I Am. Without 'I' being present, who would know of this question ? Or the answer ? Ignoring the question of progress, the right thing to do, if it can be called so, is to focus the attention back on the Self.